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"Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown"
"Chinatown" - a film by Roman Polański

Chinatown is a mystery.

A district with its own language and style, an enclave of otherness in a huge city. You will not enter it nor melt into the crowd, because you will always be different, foreign.

Chinatown is tradition.

Tradition of the world separated with the Great Wall, and the Forbidden City in the very heart of Beijing. It is ceremonies, fortune-telling and time counted differently.

Chinatown is...

What is your Chinatown, Dear Designers?

Do you prefer to trim the terracotta army with silk or to fly on flaming wings of a dragon? Do you prefer bustling and buzzing streets of Shanghai or undisturbed peace of almost forgotten, mystical places?

Maybe you think the entire world is one great Chinatown?

You see it in Los Angeles of the 1930s and today, in the marketplace of every Polish town. In the harmony of rice terraces and in the shape of a bamboo hat.

What is your Chinatown like?

Is it a synonym of a unique style, wise philosopher Confucius or maybe a product counterfeited on a mass scale, in which there is not even a Yuan of truth?

Tell us about your Chinatown.

Create this story with its own setting and history. Colours, shapes and idea.

Make it an unforgettable Chinatown.

We are looking forward to receiving your designs.


bristol_logo_250 Dear designers, we propose you a new task as part of Off Fashion. Please read the following text.

Combining tradition with modernity or art with value in use is today a common and trendy phenomenon. BRISTOL ART & SPA Hotel in Busko Zdrój (near Kielce) is a completely unique place where classics harmoniously combine with modernity, while technological functionality perfectly fits into the atmosphere of the Art Nouveau villa. Uniqueness of this place is emphasised by works of art of the modern artists as well as by an innovative approach to interiors and respect to history.
The owners of BRISTOL Hotel, who are loyal fans of Off Fashion, announce a competition for designing outfits for a male/female receptionist, waiter/waitress and cleaning personnel.



GRAND Scholarship Programme

stowarzyszenie_fundusz Pursuant to the Agreement between the Kielce Culture Centre and the Świętokrzyski Local Fund Association, as part of the GRAND Scholarship Programme, the Świętokrzyski Local Fund Association will award 1 scholarship in the 16th edition of the Off Fashion Competition.

GRAND Scholarship Programme is operated by the Świętokrzyski Local Fund Association and Best Western Grand Hotel Association in Kielce. The purpose of the programme is to provide financial aid to exceptionally talented young people from the area of Świętokrzyskie voivodeship.

Acquiring a scholarship is conditional on qualifying for participation in the Off Fashion Competition and living in the Świętokrzyski Region.

Show "THE BEST OF Mariusz Przybylski"

mprzybylski In the last weekend a retrospective show of the Polish designer Mariusz Przybylski was held on the stage behind the steel curtain of the Kielce Culture Centre.

Before the show we saw the performance "Monochrome" of the Kielce Dance Theatre.

After 15 minutes an exciting show "The Best of Mariusz Przybylski" began in theatrical scenery on two revolving stages.

This evening clothes from four collections of Mariusz Przybylski were the most Important. Classic black was dominating. The designs delighted with rich texture, accessories and perfect workmanship.

The "Night Air" anniversary collection of Mariusz Przybylski, which, apart from black, contained flower looks and a proposal for men, was presented on the show as well.

We congratulate Mariusz Przybylski on fantastic looks and consequence in creating the collection.

We will see Mariusz Przybylski as early as in November as a juror of the 16th edition of Off Fashion, which will be held on 21-22 November 2014.